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Publicity Campaigns

World Cup 2018

The World Cup scheduled for June to July this year is approaching. A large-scale territory-wide “Enjoy the Game, Say No to Gambling” publicity campaign will be held to raise the public awareness of gambling-related problems. This campaign, organised by the Ping Wo Fund and Home Affairs Bureau and co-organised by the Hong Kong Police Force, will run from March to September 2018.

The “Enjoy the Game, Say No to Gambling” campaign aims to publicise the scourge of addiction to gambling and share the fun and joy of playing football with members of the public. The campaign is consisted of a series of district and territory-wide activities such as debating competition, carnival, game to break Guinness world record, football matches, etc. in which members of the public may participate free-of-charge.

This year, we are pleased to have Mr Sinn Lap Man (Pal Gor) to be the ambassador of the Campaign and join hands with the Ping Wo Fund to promote no gambling addiction to the public.
Through the competition of four elite youth teams, the event aims to demonstrate the healthy and persistent spirit of football playing and hence the essence of “Enjoy the Game, Say ...
Football Four-way Tournament 2018
Hoping to encourage the public to experience the joy of playing football and say no to gambling, the Ping Wo Fund and Home Affairs Bureau have organised the event of ...
Kick for a World Record
Sponsored by the Ping Wo Fund and managed by Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Even Centre, No Gambling Publicity Truck was launched in June 2018. The first stop was the Hong ...
No Gambling Publicity Truck
The carnival offered an array of programmes including performances of famous bands, Dear Jane and Yellow, music, drama and dancing in the theme of no gambling, “Keeping the Ball in ...
Football x Art Carnival
The organisers invited the representatives from the Betting and Lotteries Commission, the Fight Crime Committee (from Central and Western District, Wanchai District, and Yau Tsim Mong District) and the district ...
Pub Visits
Through the debating competition, the programme aims to nurture a critical and independent mind of the young people on gambling issues, reduce their misconception and temptation as well as the ...
No Gambling Debating Competition – Preventing Gambling Amongst the Youth
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